A spacious room is available at Leucadia House RCFE, a superior board and care home for the elderly in the upscale Leucadia community of Encinitas.  We are available 7 days a week for you to take a tour.  Leucadia house features a beautiful coastal climate, fresh nutritious meals, in an intimate private residence setting. Supervision, assistance with medication, help with activities of daily living is available from our staff, on duty 24/7.

Come see us!

At Capacity!

Leucadia House is now at capacity! Thank you to all who have helped us achieve this status. We still encourage tours of Leucadia House for those who are planning for the future needs of elderly loved ones who will be in need of the services we provide.

Leucadia House is a licensed RCFE in Encinitas, California providing care to elderly persons in a warm and safe environment.

Leucadia House Residents Enjoy Cultural Events

For the past few weeks, Leucadia House residents have enjoyed outings to the Public Library for the City of Encinitas.  Residents and staff have enjoyed classical music concerts and dancing.

Leucadia House is a type of assisted living solution for Seniors called an RCFE.  We are located in the Leucadia community of Encinitas, California.

For information contact us at 760.230.6464, or email Cicely Reiss, administrator: cicely@leucadiahouse.com

RCFE Explained.

Many people know about special elder care settings. These settings can range from staying in one’s own home with the help of family or caregivers to a large institution with many dozens or hundreds of residents receiving care such as an assisted living facility or, for those with more medical needs, a skilled nursing facility.

One important elder care setting is the RCFE. RCFE is an acronym for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly.
An RCFE is a good option for those elderly persons who can no longer live safely in an independent way. RCFE’s such as Leucadia House provided personalized care for those people who may be at risk for accidents such as falls, or need supervision with diet and medications.

An RCFE is usually a smaller facility for those who need help with activities of daily living but don’t need advanced nursing care. In California, they are licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division, under the California Department of Social Services. The most common size for an RCFE is six residents, often in a typical family style home. Leucadia House received its license in 2013.

RCFE residents receive help with activities such as bathing and dressing. Meals are prepared by the RCFE staff who then monitor the general nutrition status of the resident. The RCFE staff assists residents with taking medications on time and in a predictable, safe fashion. The RCFE communicates with physicians, nurses, and therapists to bring optimal care to the resident. The RCFE provides socialization through activites, shared meals, and human contacts in a safe and welcoming environment.

Elder care can be expensive. 24 hour hour supervision in one’s home can cost $10,000 dollars per month or more.
An RCFE can provide around the clock supervision, meals, and a safe environment for half as much, sometimes even less.

Leucadia House is a deluxe RCFE in coastal southern California less than one mile from the Pacific Ocean. We offer nutritious, freshly prepared in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Trained staff assist with medications, bathing, dressing, and supervision to keep our residents safe.

Leucadia House information can be found on our Facebook page, webpage (www.leucadiahouse.com), or by calling us at (760) 230-6464. Email us at cicely@leucadiahouse.com

We Have Arrived!

Leucadia House welcomes its sixth resident, who will be moving in next week. We are honored that families have placed trust in us to care for their loved ones.

For more information about Leucadia House, RCFE please contact us at 760.260.6464 or cicely@leucadiahouse.com